Leo the Lab

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Leo is a Labrador retriever. When Leo was a young pup, he set a goal and started working hard to achieve it. Leo’s goal was to be a member of law enforcement. He knew that he had to live a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve his goal. Some of Leo’s friends tried to peer pressure him into trying drugs. Fortunately, Leo had learned from his teachers how to make good decisions. Leo knew that taking drugs would have consequences, so he decided to, “say no.”

Leo was very proud of himself when he completed the police academy. Leo had achieved his goal of becoming a canine officer. Leo was assigned to patrol and started detecting illegal activity. To celebrate his success, Leo set another goal to achieve. Leo’s new goal was to help students learn about the dangers and drugs and alcohol. Now Leo is working with L.E.A.D. officers, like Patrolman Beamon.

Leo enjoys spending time with L.E.A.D. students and help them achieve their goals. Leo remembered how scared he was when he was confronted with peer pressure. That is why Leo’s new official police assignment is to help L.E.A.D. students find the courage to live a healthy lifestyle.